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What do you get when you cross a former news anchor and a 5x cover model who are sick of fitness marketing lies? You get reFRAME. We came together to help others avoid the ripoffs and build a solid business foundation.

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We are real, raw and ready to represent!

If you want guests credible guests that are well versed in fitness, business, marketing, media branding we are your girls! We live by the principle that work is meant to be fun and we are ready to lay down the truth on the fitness industry! 



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Hey there! We are Jill Bunny and Kristen Crowley, founders of reFRAME. Our story is one of inspiration, overcoming and finding our true purpose… together.

We met through our ties to STRONG Fitness Magazine, and our struggle with our health. You see, when we found each other we had no idea that our mutual love of fitness and helping women would turn into this amazing business. Here is a little bit about each of us so you can see why we came together and are able to help so many women in fitness + wellness cut through the B.S. and build their brand the right way.


Hi there! I am Jill Bunny, professional athlete turned mental health advocate. I help women change their relationship with their bodies by teaching sustainable fitness techniques they can use long-term.

I do this through simple, effective methods that you can find in my books, podcasts, training programs, 1:1 weight loss coaching sessions, and exclusive psychology-fitness retreats!

As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic. I will teach you how to think differently so that your sabotaging thoughts no longer hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. It is time to live a life full of confidence, energy, passion and purpose.


Hi everyone! I am Kristen Crowley, “recovering” news anchor, mom of two and a self proclaimed work-a-holic! After 15 years in television my health was failing, despite my rigorous fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. I chose my health and family over my career that was taking its toll due to stress and lack of sleep. My journey prior to television was unconventional to say the least. I grew up on a horse farm, made my way into Visual Merchandising and ultimately to the restaurant business for many, many years! I transitioned into TV news the same month I got married and then pregnant just weeks after. Whew, that was a lot! I endured two high risk pregnancies and found myself battling postpartum depression. Fitness saved me. Now it is my turn to help others.

I love hosting events, being in front of the camera and mostly helping other women channel their inner superhero. I love the world of fitness and contribute in my own unique way. I created WELLFITsocial, a large scale networking event, and KC Media to help teach others how to land their own television coverage. reFRAME just brings it all together. I get to do what I love and combine my unique set of skills to help women do the same!

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